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I received a blog-comment! I don’t get many comments, so as you can see, when I do, I get a little excited. Hope you don’t mind me re-posting your comment Gary24fan. Forgive my long-winded reply, I’m in the critical analysis phase of my PhD so I found your comment fascinating. Thanks for posting and I applaud your honesty, even if I found it challenging to read initially. My motto: ‘if we don’t know, we don’t grow’… and I do like to be challenged.


Hmmm. I think you have some anger issues to deal with still, which is understandable, but to make fun of guys who may find you attractive is a bit much. And you are, wheelchair or not, but with that attitude I wouldn't give you the time of day.


No worries, sorry it's taken so long to reply. The piece was written in a satirical manner, not to be taken seriously I assure you. I admit, I do smile at men (hey, I'm a chick, I have needs, even in the face of the dominant discourse that suggests us wheelchair folk are asexual) and sometimes ‘the look’ works... so although most time their looks turn from a smile into confusion/horror/bewilderment, occasionally I get lucky and meet a real diamond. It's a numbers game.

Angry... interesting assessment from one piece I wrote. You are right, I get angry for sure. This injury isn't always a picnic, I face a lot of dicks (lets be honest, I can even be one myself) and they aren’t just men obviously. I'm human, I admit... so yes, I do get angry… I also get sad, happy, horny.. all sorts of emotions and feelings. Again, I'm human.

I'm not sure I'd classify myself as an all-time angry lass. In saying that, I’m feisty for sure, I speak my mind… but always, I try to be kind and respectful. I know that seems to ‘fly in the face’ of your analysis that I 'make fun of men'. Well, perhaps you misunderstood me, rejection isn't a fun process, but instead of it getting me down, I make light of the situation. Giving a man the 'come to bed look' won't break his heart, if anything, it opens the door for dialogue and sometimes I've been pleasantly surprised when approached by 'the men I look at'. If you don't give me the time of day due to my 'sexy glance', I'll be ok.

Wow a long winded way to say, it's not about making fun of anyone, it's about taking rejection with a smile and a laugh... and as I said, sometimes my ‘trying to be sexy look’ bags me a winner, sometimes it backfires. That's life I guess. I may not choose you to be my psychotherapist (if I thought I needed one) but I love your honesty, it keeps me real so thank you.

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